Acting as a true “acceleration partner” EMERGENCE provides the most promising and innovative French entrepreneurial asset managers with seed money to expand their funds, that is essential for their growth and their international development.

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  • Our Originality
  • Emergence's Stucture

Emergence offers an unique and original model where the interests of institutional investors and entrepreneurial asset managers come together.

This originality is formed of four pillars:

  A rigorous selection of new talents in the asset management industry, submitted for decision to the vote of Investment Committees;
  A seed investment (with a lock-up period), provided to loosen the constraint of concentration ratios;
  The support of a recognized brand to develop visibility in France and internationally;
  An incentive scheme motivating institutional investors to “invest together”:
  By being placed at the core of Emergence’s corporate governance
  By being interested in the growth of the selected asset managers through revenue sharing deals

To source and analyse the most promising asset managers, Emergence relies on the renowned expertise of its delegated asset management company, NewAlpha AM.  

800 Millions Euros of Capital Raised Since 2012

The capital raised by Emergence is invested in financial markets through the seeded funds managed by Emergence’s selected asset
managers-come partners, covering the following investment objectives:

Research of absolute performance

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Active management in European equity markets

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A recognized brand for sustaining an international development

Through its original model-come-brand, Emergence boosts reputation and development of entrepreneurial and boutique asset managers among international investors.

Total AUM managed by Emergence’s asset manager partners: reached 7.4 billion Euros (3.4 billion Euros before Emergence’s seeding) of which 50% comes from international investors (figures from 31/12/2018).


Emergence offers an unique scheme for enhancing the interests of institutional investors:

A key role in the core of Emergence’s corporate governance

  Full presence on the Board of Directors to define the global strategies of the umbrella fund;
  Full participation in the Investment Committees to approve the delegated asset manager’s investment proposals.

Access to a dual source of return

  The net performance of the sub-fund resulting from investments in each of the seeded funds;
  An added revenue linked with a fee-sharing agreement based on the future increase of AUM of the accelerated asset management companies.

Encouraging the dissemination of responsible investment

Practical SRI Handbook for emerging asset management companies

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ESG Policy applying to Emergence equity sub-funds

Download the ESG Policy

Through its delegated asset management company, Emergence provides support to entrepreneurial asset managers on how to integrate ESG best practices in order to meet institutional investors’ expectations.

For this purpose, Emergence produced and made available:

- Its Practical handbook on Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) presenting the minimum requirements needed to implement a consistent SRI policy regarding asset management companies’ own governance and their investment decision processes.

- Its ESG policy, basis of the extra-financial criteria held by institutional investors as Emergence’s members with regard to responsible investment. It applies to investments in its equity sub-funds starting with Emergence Europe.


January 2012
launch of the Emergence SICAV as an umbrella fund and its first sub-fund 'Emergence Performance Absolue'
May 2012
1st incubation : Eiffel Credit Opportunities
July 2013
launch of the 2nd 'Emergence Actions' sub-fund
May 2014
'Emergence Performance Absolue' boosts 5 young management companies
January 2015
Milestone: €350 million of seed money raised from 15 institutional investors
April 2016
'Emergence Actions' boosts 6 new talented managers
May 2017
Launch of the 3rd sub-fund 'Emergence Actions 2'
July 2017
1st largest investment of €50m in the VIA Smart Equity Europe fund
June 2018
Milestone: €770 million raised from 17 institutional investors
January 2020
Selection Action Rendement turns to be Emergence’s 20th investment
April 2020
Emergence Actions II supports a total of 6 new talented fund managers
February 2021
Launch of the 4th sub-fund, Emergence Europe


Laurent Deborde
Laurent Deborde is the Managing Director of the Equities and Funds Division of the asset management department of Caisse des Dépôts. Since2020, January 1st, he represents Caisse des Dépôts as Chairman of the Sicav Emergence
Bertrand du Guerny
Bertrand du Guerny graduated DEA in Monetary, Bank and Finance, IEP, Master in Econometrics, began his career in the Caisse des Dépôts group from 1989 to 1999, notably as a fixed-income fund manager. Then he turned his hand to advising asset management actors in France and abroad within Investance consultancy group (2001-2009). After moving to the AFG (Association Française de la Gestion), he then joined the Hottinguer bank in 2011 as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer. Bertrand du Guerny was appointed CEO of Emergence in 2018.