The pool of innovative asset management companies seeking the support of the strong brand image of Emergence is rich with opportunities!

Amongst Emergence SICAV’s sub-funds, two numerals are invested in active European-equity funds covering the main styles in equity investment, , and using high added-value approaches based on quantitative or fundamental analysis.

Another numeral is invested in active funds implementing innovative investment strategies acheiving an absolute performance objective, i.e. regular returns whatever the behaviour of financial markets.


Accelerated asset managers' testimonials

Guillaume DOLISI, co-founder and asset manager of VIA AM  

VIA AM was created in 2015 by three managing partners or analysts with the support of Eric Sturdza Management Company S.A. VIA AM combines the expertise and technologies developed by the founders for almost 20 years to design and use systematic long only equity selection technics that are based on normalised accounting data, with the objective of being more precise and offering a better level of comparison of the different investment opportunities. The company manages around €640 million split between discretionary mandates and 7 equity funds (Europe, US, global) or diversified funds (absolute return).

Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau, Mansartis CEO

Mansartis, an independent family company, implemented a new growth strategy in 2015. It partnered with Emergence in 2019 to expand its development with institutionals. The total investment of €55 million in the Mansartis Zone Euro SRI has confirmed the strength of our management process, stock picking and inclusion of extra-financial criteria. The fund has reached the critical size of €100 million in assets and Mansartis’ visibility with major institutionals in the Paris market has improved, resulting in significant growth in assets under management to €870 million at the end of November 2020.





The process of selecting the entrepreneurial asset managers is led by NewAlpha AM, the Emergence investment manager by delegation.

The goal is to source the most promising and innovative boutique asset management firms, both on the quality of the risk adjusted performances of their investment funds and on their potential for a strong commercial development.

NewAlpha AM analyses and scores, according to a proprietary methodology, applications from independent asset management companies of which one investment fund at least is eligible for one of the Emergence sub-funds. NewAlpha AM analyses and scores, according to a proprietary methodology, applications from independent asset management companies of which one investment fund at least is eligible for one of the Emergence sub-funds.

After initial contact, the analysis of both the asset management company candidate and its eligible fund follows a rigorous due diligence process sequenced in three stages which can take several months, depending on the initial characteristics, unique to each application.Each of the analysis stages is subject to a communication with the Emergence Investment Committee, composed of representatives of the SICAV institutional shareholders.

NewAlpha AM is also in charge of setting up the partnership agreement contract between the entrepreneurial asset management company candidate and the Emergence umbrella fund.

After the selection process, the asset management company candidate must present itself to the Investment Committee who then evaluates and approves the delegated manager’s recommendations
for an investment of the Emergence sub-fund in the eligible investment fund, all the while being able to exercise its right of veto.

Throughout the investment horizon of the Emergence SICAV, The investment manager by delegation ensures an accurate monitoring of the performances of all the selected funds and checks the AUM development of the accelerated asset management company over the partnership period.